Where the Hell Have I Been?

OK, confession time: I'm tired of blogging.

I mean, I still write. But not here - not for this. And while I want to post up inspirational trip reports and get folks excited to come out into the mountains with me, I'm tired of feeling constantly obligated to put out "content", and I don't want to just put up filler to say "hey, look!"

So I'm working with an incredible web design consultant, and long-time friend, to launch the 3.0 website. If you're relatively new, this website started as a blog about 6 years ago, called Climb.Ski.Sleep.Repeat. (v 1.0). Then I got professional-y and renamed it Chris Simmons Guiding (v 2.0), but I've kept the original title as a tag line, and it will be showing up on the new site too.

Facebook, like it or not, has become the go-to forum for quick updates and easy following - something I worked to do through my blog but lacked the convenience of easy posting and easy networking.

What I am excited about is a host of new trips I'll be offering in the next 18 months: Ski traverses in Europe, California, Canada and here at home; incredible trips to Mexico, Chile, Norway, Sweden, China and Japan. My personal goal is to travel abroad 4-6 times a year, on trips of 2-3 weeks long - I'd by stoked to have you join me.

So stand by. Wait. A little more patience. 3.0 is coming, and I'll be "journaling" instead of "blogging" - mostly about the great trips, the occasional notable great-for-a-different-reason-trip, and some odds and ends I've been thinking about (packing lists? product design work?). But more important - to me at least - it will showcase what I'm most passionate about: to Climb.Ski.Sleep.Repeat. with the occasional trail run and gym session thrown in.

See you soon.


Red Rocks and Road Trips

Red Rocks, Nevada, is some of the best beginner and moderate multi-pitch climbing in the United States. Now combine that with cheap and easy airfare to Las Vegas, a multitude of lodging options from hotels to camping, and you have a true climbing destination.
Interested in checking it out for yourself? I've got the weekend of 10-13 October available, and we can start even sooner than that if you'd like a longer trip.  $360/day for 1:1, or $215/per person/day for two guests. Offer ends 15 September!

Other Road Trips:
Washington Pass, North Cascades. Possibly my favorite local destination, Washington Pass and Mazama has an incredible concentration of easy-to-access moderate alpine rock climbs.  Lodging options cover the whole spectrum. Awesome destination for a weekend from Seattle.

City of Rocks, Idaho.  An insane number of single-pitch routes under 5.10, this destination lives up to its name.  Camping amongst the towers and trees.  Better for a long (4 days) weekend to a week.
Smith Rock, Oregon.  The birthplace of American sport climbing, Smith also has some great trad climbing in the lower gorge and some classic multi-pitch rock routes.  Lodging can vary from hotels just 30 minutes south in Bend to the campground right in the park.  If you can get out of work early on Friday, this makes for a great weekend.

Boulder, Colorado. Special Offer, 23 October - 1 November!!
 I'll already be in Boulder, Colorado, for the AMGA Annual Meeting.  If you're in the Denver area and interested in experiencing the iconic Flatirons, contact me!


1st Annual Mt Si Run, 6 September

There are still spaces open for Pro Guiding Service's 1st Annual Mt Si Run. This deceiving trail travels only 4 miles but gains over 3000 feet of elevation, making the climb just shallow enough to run but steep enough that you will never forget it.  Come join us on Friday, 6 September.

More information here:  LINK