I'm a licensed IFMGA American Mountain Guide, home-based in Seattle, Washington, but traveling regularly to Europe, Asia, South America and Antarctica. I'm also a new author, having co-authored Backcountry Ski and Snowboard Routes Washington, and I have another couple of books in the works.


My mountain guiding career started in 2000, but my love for the mountains and all things hilly started with skiing in the Sierra Nevada as a child. My experience has ranged from the largest guide service in the country to working for myself; from multi-month foreign expeditions to day trips from my home; from horse-pack supported hiking trips to multi-day, technical climbing trips with a single guest. As a result, my experience is incredibly varied and always changing, but there are a few common threads.

One common thread you'll find in what I offer is challenge. I believe that we are fundamentally changed and bettered by challenging ourselves in the mountains. You can find this challenge in other environments too - the first that comes to my mind is surfing - but I've found my highest and lowest moments in the mountains.

I'm stoked every day to be able to do what I love for a living, and to share this challenge and discovery of the mountains with other people. I guide because I can't not be in the mountains; I love these places too much to stay away, or to keep them to myself.

Want some ideas of what I do? Check this out. I try to write about my adventures and the random related thoughts they generate. My journal is here. I'm also on Facebook, and lately my favorite social media tool has been Instagram


I'm tremendously proud to be part of a tradition that dates back almost 200 years to the Alps of France, Italy and Switzerland. In North America, we've taken that tradition and incorporated a new level of independence and wilderness into the experience. If you're interested in learning more about mountain guiding in North America, please feel free to contact me, and/or look up the American Mountain Guide Association and the International Federation of Mountain Guide Associations. You'll find me listed there - I'm a "fully certified" American Mountain Guide and a licensed IFMGA Mountain Guide.


Mountain guiding in the United States is a byzantine arena of permitting, paperwork and insurance. Much of my work is done as a member/co-owner of the Certified Guides Cooperative. Most of the remaining work is as an guide employee of Pro Guiding Service of North Bend, Washington. I also offer trips as an employee of Northwest Mountain School, Smith Rock Climbing School, Timberline Mountain Guides and several other guide services as a "guest guide". Realistically, this gives me an operating terrain from Bend, Oregon north to the Canadian border. My IFMGA license gets me past there to offer trips in British Columbia, Alberta, as well as adventures in Antarctica, France, Italy, Japan, Mexico, and Switzerland.


I work as a Technical Representative for Backcountry Access and K2 Backcountry, and work in product development as a Grassroots Athlete for Outdoor Research.

(c) 2017 Chris Simmons and Chris Simmons Guiding. All rights reserved, but I'm always happy to share, just ask first!